Surveillance: The unknowing participant

Reading all about spies has got me thinking about surveillance & voyeurism. There is an interesting photography exhibit about this is the Tate from 28th May - 3rd Oct.

Denis Beaubois's In The Event of Amnesia the City Will Recall, from Tate Modern's Exposed exhibition

I think surveillance seems all the more interesting when considering the participation without consent. The article can be found on the guardian site:


Hannah Conroy said...

I will be down in London later in the week, this is really relevant to the conversation.

Hannah Conroy said...

"No one knows how many CCTV cameras there are in the UK. The best estimations put the number at 5m, or one camera for every 12 people. That's 20% of the world's CCTV cameras on a whingey North Sea island. It used to be that we were only six feet away from a rat. Now we're only six feet away from a camera. This exhibition showcases everything from super-secret American military bases, aerial landscapes of the Kuwaiti oil fields after the first Gulf War to people dogging in cars. It shows the theft of privacy and questions the basic notion of privacy."

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