Sports Centre

I recently had a meeting with Richard Parker from the spots centre. He showed me around the various spaces that they have which range from blank hall spaces for meetings and events to squash courts etc. He forwarded some photos to me and I also have a few from when me and Sam visited.

This is the Olympic pool not sure what you could do with it just found it an interesting space.

This is one of the squash courts.

This is a mezzanine space near the entrance, it would probably get good footfall but there would probably be too much light. Richard mentioned that events have used it as a space to lead people into the main event.

This is the main sports hall which is huge it also has lots of different lighting systems such as spot lights used for boxing. It also has a viewing balcony.

This is one of the hall spaces again pretty big. There are some smaller blank event spaces available, the images are just the more unusual possibilities.


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